Writing Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives

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StreamedNov 21, 2023Duration90 minutes
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Credit memos and loan narratives are crucial to the loan committee, loan officers, and underwriters in making strong credit decisions; to loan review officers in understanding a credit being reviewed; and to examiners when reviewing your files.

They can also document workout strategies for problem credits. This practical webinar will explain the essentials and provide sample formats.
  • Identify the objectives of a credit memo as the foundational application document but also the backbone for renewal decisions
  • Understand the components of credit analysis, including different terms, exposure summary, financial analysis, collateral, etc.
  • Define and consider key financial ratios
  • Structure a strong summary narrative
  • Know what examiners look for in a sensitivity analysis (stress testing)
  • Recognize the importance of the succession plan
  • Draw clear credit risk conclusions
  • Provide a detailed record of strengths, weaknesses, and mitigants
  • Explain the importance of documenting and monitoring loan policy exceptions
  • Avoid common examiner criticisms in credit write-ups
  • Comprehend why a well-written credit memo is a critical document for many parties


The purpose of the credit analysis memorandum (CAM) and loan narrative is to capture an accurate, complete snapshot of the applicant and credit request. These critical documents are the basis for making the initial credit decision and create a foundation for modifications and renewal decisions as the loan ages. This information is also used for ongoing account management and documents material developments or changes in the quality or nature of the credit or borrower over the life of the loan. The underwriter needs a clear and accurate picture to make the best risk-based decision. Whether it is a consumer, real estate, or commercial credit, an effective CAM/loan narrative must support the institution’s credit decision and is imperative to address safety and soundness and compliance risk.

This session will cover how to develop meaningful write-ups that document the credit request in a clear, concise, organized format. It will go step-by-step through the process and provide samples that illustrate development of a useful, relevant CAM/loan narrative.


This informative session is designed for commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan review personnel and commercial loan administration professionals. Directors on the loan committee will also benefit.


  • Two sample formats to use to develop/strengthen credit memos
  • Lender record of applicant contact
  • Loan risk rating review sample
  • List of online resources for industry analysis
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits

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"Thorough and well thought out presentation with practical takeaways to improve our credit approval memorandums."
- Levi, Trans Pecos Bank

"There was a lot of good information in a short time frame. The handouts were great. I got some good pointers and useful tips from this webinar."
- Melissa, First United Bank

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