Powers of Attorney In-Depth: Good Faith, Fraud & Fiduciary Capacity

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StreamedJul 20, 2022Duration90 minutes
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Powers of attorney are complex legal documents that can wield a broad array of authority.

Your team must be conversant with POAs, be alert for fraud and good faith issues – and know when to seek legal counsel.  With so much at stake, this timely program is a must!
  • Distinguish among the various types of power of attorney documents (durable, springing, limited, military, etc.) and when they can be used
  • Understand the fiduciary duties owed by the attorney-in-fact and what actions he/she can and cannot take
  • Explain the difference between an attorney-in-fact, a representative payee, and an authorized or convenience signer
  • Recognize the red flag indicators of possible fraud by the attorney-in-fact
  • Realize when your institution can be held liable even when the attorney-in-fact acted in good faith 
  • Take steps to reduce risk of loss from powers of attorney


Powers of attorney are used to transact business with your financial institution daily.  If each situation isn’t handled properly, your institution can be exposed to significant risks of loss if the attorney-in-fact intentionally (or innocently) acts outside the scope of his/her authority.  Dealing with the attorney-in-fact is substantially different from dealing with the actual accountholder.  This webinar will explain everything you need to know when dealing with powers of attorney. 


This informative session will be useful to both deposit and loan operations staff, including new accounts personnel, loan documentation staff, loan officers, tellers, attorneys, compliance personnel, auditors, and managers.


  • Checklist of important questions to ask when accepting a power of attorney
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