2024 ACH Specialist Series

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ACH transactions affect a wide variety of staff.

This series will educate you about the latest ACH changes, instant payments, payment fraud, duplicate transactions, the ACH system, government payments, and more. Get the details needed to ensure accuracy, limit liability, deal with government payments, and confidently handle accountholder questions. 

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60- and 90-minute webinars - available live or on-demand
  • Regulations Affecting Instant Payments
  • 2024 ACH Rules Update & Initiatives
  • The RDC Duplicate Dilemma
  • ACH Warranties & Indemnities
  • Proper Handling of Government Reclamations & Garnishments
  • Electronic Payment Fraud: When Is Your Institution Liable?

NOTE: All materials are subject to copyright. Transmission, retransmission, or republishing of any webinar to other institutions or those not employed by your institution is prohibited. Print materials may be copied for eligible participants only.

Included Webinars:

ACH Specialist Series: ACH Warranties & Indemnities
Jul 2, 2024Webinar

ACH Warranties & Indemnities

Presenter:Eric Wester
Do you know the difference between an ACH warranty and an indemnity? What happens if you can’ t settle a dispute with another financial institution? This webinar will answer these questions, plus address ACH authorizations, NOCs, and situations where checks are converted to ACH debits. Don’t miss this practical program.
Proper Handling of Government Reclamations & Garnishments
Sep 3, 2024Webinar

Proper Handling of Government Reclamations & Garnishments

The federal government operates by their own set of rules for ACH payments. Therefore, improper handling of Death Notification Entries (DNEs), government reclamations, and garnishments can expose financial institutions to potentially significant dollar losses. This session will cover the proper procedures for handling ACH government reclamations and the garnishment of accounts receiving federal ACH benefit payments. It will provide insight into how federal government payment rules differ from ACH rules and provide peace of mind that you will have all the right answers.
Electronic Payment Fraud: When Is Your Institution Liable?
Oct 30, 2024Webinar

Electronic Payment Fraud: When Is Your Institution Liable?

Presenter:Elizabeth Fast
The tremendous increase in electronic payment fraud has resulted in staggering losses to financial institutions. Liability varies depending on the type of fraud, how it occurred, and whether it was a consumer or commercial account. The assorted legalities are mindboggling. UCC Article 4A permits financial institutions to shift liability to commercial accountholders in certain situations, while Regulation E provides much more protection to consumers. The Nacha rules make the originating depository financial institution (ODFI) ultimately liable for an unauthorized ACH, but it is difficult to get the ODFI to pay after the return deadlines. In all situations, however, the law requires financial institutions to use commercially reasonable security procedures. This webinar will explain which party is liable for the various types of ACH payment fraud and what can be done to protect your institution from liability in both commercial and consumer situations.
2024 ACH Rules Update & Initiatives

2024 ACH Rules Update & Initiatives

Presenter:Shelly Sipple
Join this important update to learn the latest on ACH payment processing for 2024. This informative webinar will address recent Nacha initiatives and upcoming ACH rule amendments aimed at abating credit-push fraud. You’ll learn about the effects on your institution and how to prioritize an action plan. Don’t let this opportunity for expert insight and forecasting pass you by.
Regulations Affecting Instant Payments

Regulations Affecting Instant Payments

Presenter:Emily Nelson
Regardless of whether your institution plans to originate instant payments, receiving them is inevitable. And just like ACH payments, even if you only receive these transactions, you must play by the rules. Join this program to learn the regulatory impact of instant payments such as FedNow and RTP on your financial institution. It will cover Reg CC (both FedNow and RTP are covered as electronic payments), Regulation E and instant payment returns, OFAC guidance on instant payments, UCC 4A, Regulation J, RTP Operating Rules, the Federal Reserve Operating Circular 8, and more! Find out how these rules and regulations apply to instant payment processing for both originating and receiving financial institutions.
The RDC Duplicate Dilemma

The RDC Duplicate Dilemma

Presenter:Marcy Cauthon
The popularity of remote deposit capture has grown exponentially. The flip side is that there has also been an increase in duplicate checks. Do you know how to handle these returns under various scenarios? What timeframe applies? What if it’s outside the return timeframe? Do you know which code to use? What are the compliance requirements? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more.