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Eric Wester is the Associate Director of Education Services at UMACHA (Upper Midwest Automated Clearing House Association, Inc.). He is responsible for providing ACH education through virtual learning opportunities, in-person workshops, conferences, and symposiums. With over a decade of banking experience, Eric most recently served as Operations Payment Managing Officer at a regional bank and oversaw all aspects of ACH processing. Prior to that, he served as the Associate Director of Compliance Services at UMACHA, where he was responsible for conducting ACH audits and risk assessments.
Eric is passionate about payments, and he has served as a member of the Fraud Information Sharing Work Group and Fraud Prevention Best Practices and Solutions sub-group with the U.S. Faster Payments Council. He obtained his AAP accreditation in 2017, his APRP in 2020, and his NCP in 2023.

Eric produces and presents expert content for Community Bankers Webinar Network, with his webinars being viewed by hundreds of individuals across the country. Learn more from Eric with his collection of upcoming and on-demand training webinars listed below.

UMACHA is a licensed provider for electronic payments training and compliance services. They provide education through workshops, webinars, and symposiums, as well as an add-on to its ACH audit and risk assessment services. UMACHA is also able to customize education for the needs of specific financial institutions or organizations that originate ACH files.
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ACH Risk Assessments for RDFIs & ODFIs
ACH Risk Assessments for RDFIs & ODFIsACH Risk Assessments for RDFIs & ODFIs
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Audit & Accounting + 4 more
Audit & Accounting + 4 more