Measure It to Manage It: Understanding Analytics & How to Determine Online Success

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StreamedJun 7, 2022Duration90 minutes
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Does dealing with online marketing analytics leave you feeling dazed and confused?

Don’t let the sheer volume of data be your undoing.  Using straightforward lay terminology, this practical webinar will teach you how to measure, manage, and corral the data.

  • Recognize the value of tracking and analyzing data as part of the big picture of strategic marketing and promotional efforts
  • Identify the various sources of data you want to capture and how they will help build the story of your efforts
  • Explore the different data collection options you already (likely) have from across your website, email marketing, social media, marketing automation, and possibly third-party providers
  • Leverage free (and some paid) tools such as the Google suite of services (i.e., Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Optimizer) and others in gathering and understanding key website visitor behavior and performance
  • Tie in your social networking data to determine what types of posts and activities are moving the needle (and if they are not, what you should do about it)
  • Develop a reporting process to make it easier for data to be shared among others at your institution to help tell the story of your digital engagement efforts

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In today’s digital age there is a wealth of data available on your website visitors, the actions they take, where they came from, what your social fans are doing across your various channels, and so much more. The sheer volume of data can easily make your head spin!  To many financial marketers, having a clear understanding of what to measure and where to find that data can be a bit of a challenge.  This session will explore many of the key “digital data points” that should be tracked and what they mean to your online success.

It’s important to understand where all the data “lives” and develop a way to capture and analyze information to help identify trends (both good and bad), which will then help shape the direction of existing and future campaign efforts.  This webinar will explore the fundamental reasons for data collection, review the various sources, explain what expectations you should have based on benchmarks and historical comparison, and then address ways to report and understand what it all means so you can make actionable decisions for improvement.


This informative session will benefit a variety of job functions, with a particular focus on the marketing and retail areas.  Additionally, some institutions have started developing a data/insights role, and this session will be valuable to those in that role or as guidance in the development of that function.


  • Excel-based UTM “tagging” record sheet to maintain a comprehensive list of Google campaign URLs to help measure inbound website promotional activity
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
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