Consumer Underwriting 101: From Application to Approval

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StreamedMay 17, 2022Duration90 minutes
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“101” may actually represent the potential number of details in consumer lending.

This soup-to-nuts webinar will address all the steps in consumer lending so that you can navigate the process with accuracy and aplomb.
  • Articulate the purpose and objectives of the application
  • Ask the relevant and legal questions under Regulation B
  • Investigate the information submitted on an application
  • Incorporate the applicant’s credit report into the investigation process
  • Evaluate an applicant’s capacity to pay by calculating the debt-to-income ratio and determining the cash flow generated from an applicant’s income tax return

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Proper analysis of consumer loan requests is more important today than any time in the history of banking because COVID-19 negatively affected many consumer borrowers and left them in a weaker financial condition.  For this reason, and because financial institutions must continue to grow their consumer loan portfolios safely, lending practices must be adjusted to ensure the next loan applicant is not becoming overextended and unable to meet his/her obligations.

There are several steps that describe the consumer lending process, and they all end with a variation of the suffix “-tion” – which means “the act of.”  All steps are necessary to build a good consumer loan portfolio.  The “-tion” method in consumer lending includes regulation, initiation (business development), application, investigation, evaluation, decision, documentation, administration, and collection.


This webinar will benefit senior credit officers, senior loan officers, commercial lenders, consumer lenders, branch managers, assistant branch managers, personal bankers, loan review personnel, documentation specialists, and those interested in learning more about consumer lending.


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