Strategic Planning Q&A With Marcia Malzahn

Strategic Planning Q&A With Marcia Malzahn

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In this week’s episode Marcia Malzahn does a Q&A on strategic planning. She will answer why your institution needs to have a strategic plan in place and why it needs to be incorporated into enterprise risk management and so much more.

Strategic Planning Q&A With Marcia Malzahn

Here is a quick breakdown of what is covered during the podcast:

[01:14] Should you have a strategic plan in place?
[02:14] Find out why enterprise risk management (ERM) is being incorporated into the strategic planning process.
[03:39] Everyone at the community bank should be a part of strategic planning, why is human resources not included in the process?
[05:20] Senior leadership needs to be a part of the process, but does the board of directors?
[06:14] The biggest challenge community banks have related to strategic planning.

After the podcast, be sure to check out Maria’s webinar, Strategic Planning for Community Banks.

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More About Our Guest

Marcia “Marci” Malzahn is the founder and keynote speaker at Crowning Achievements International – inspiring and educating emerging leaders in the financial industry. She is also president and founder of Malzahn Strategic, which provides management consulting to community financial institutions. Marci has 30 years of banking experience, with 10 years as the EVP/CFO/COO of a community bank she co-founded.

Marci speaks frequently at industry conferences, association events, and leadership and women’s conferences. She has published five books and received several professional awards. As a Certified Virtual Presenter, Marci provides online and onsite training for financial institutions. Marci is a certified life coach and a certified community bank director. She holds a bachelor’s in business management from Bethel University and is a graduate and faculty of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin.

Visit Marcia's webinar page for her library of on-demand and upcoming webinars.