Cash Flow Analysis Part 2: Deeper Analysis, Balance Sheet & External Factors

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StreamedFeb 14, 2023Duration90 minutes
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Dive deeper into the world of credit analysis.

How effective is your stress testing? What are the red flags in a borrower’s balance sheet? How do external factors affect a borrower’s cash flow? At the end of the day, a loan’s structure impacts repayment. Do you have best practices in place?
  • Better understand how the balance sheet impacts repayment risk
  • Identify external factors unique to each borrower that can impact sustainable cash flow
  • Identify secondary and other alternative sources of repayment
  • Stress test the borrower’s repayment ability under different scenarios
  • Appreciate the best usage of short-term and bridge loans, including their unique risks
  • Understand how loan structure impacts repayment


This presentation will build on the topics discussed in Cash Flow Analysis Part 1. Assessing repayment ability is far more than just calculating debt service coverage. Do you understand the impact a borrower’s balance sheet can have on cash and know the red flags watch? In addition, this webinar will cover external factors that can impact a borrower’s ability to maintain cash flow, including a section on stress testing to help assess repayment risk.

In addition, this training will address short-term and bridge loans. Although done infrequently, they can cause significant losses if not underwritten and managed appropriately. Regardless of loan purpose, a poorly structured loan can mask repayment problems and collateral coverage and is often a characteristic of charged-off loans.


  • Checklist of balance sheet analysis to be completed
  • Alternative repayment decision tree
  • List of external resources for assessing potential impact on your borrower
  • Checklist of short-term and bridge loan considerations
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits

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