Business Writing Boot Camp with Nancy Flynn

Business Writing Boot Camp with Nancy Flynn

Business Writing Boot Camp

Welcome to the Banking Bonus Time Podcast, produced and presented by the Community Bankers Webinar Network, powered by FinEd. Today we have Nancy Flynn with us to discuss her webinar Business Writing Boot Camp, Including Critique of Your Own Writing Sample.

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A recognized expert on workplace policy, communication, and compliance, Nancy Flynn is the founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, Business Writing Institute, and Marijuana Policy Institute. She provides training, writing, and consulting services to clients seeking to minimize compliance risks and maximize communication skills.

Nancy is the author of 13 books, including Writing Effective E-MailThe ePolicy Toolkit, and The Social Media Handbook. An in-demand trainer, she conducts seminars, webinars, and one-on-one coaching for financial institutions, financial services firms, and other clients worldwide. She also serves as an expert witness in litigation related to electronic and workplace policies and procedures.

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