Montana Independent Bankers
About Montana Independent Bankers
Montana Independent Bankers Association provides multi-level services and support for Montana’s community banks.

About MIB

The Montana Independent Bankers Association has faithfully served Montana’s community banks for over 45 years. As the financial cornerstone of their communities, independent banks are a powerful force in shaping our state’s economy.

Locally founded and owned, often by multiple generations of Montanans, these banks are characterized by their adherence to the small-town values of business integrity, financial responsibility, and personal service for their customers.

MIB provides these banks with the multi-level support they need to function at their optimum, which includes advocacy, benefits, connection, and training. After all, healthy banks mean prosperous communities.
Montana Independent Bankers Association
No travel expenses or time away from the office.

Bank Training & Education

The Montana Independent Bankers Association partners with Community Bankers Webinar Network to provide you with relevant, reliable, cost-effective bank webinar training. Together we offer more than 200 live and on-demand webinars, covering topics important to every level of your community bank.
Learn from industry experts to grow your bank.
Keep your team up to speed on new industry updates and regulations, hot topics, training, and more.
Bank Webinars