Sara Dobbins


Sara became a valuable member of FinEd in 2023, assuming the role of Accountant. She brought with her a wealth of experience from the private sector, enhancing the team's dynamics with her extensive knowledge and professionalism in similar roles. Sara’s meticulous attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm are considerable assets to our team.

Sara takes immense pride in her Montana roots, having experienced a cherished upbringing in its small-town embrace. She values the opportunity to provide a similar nurturing environment to her children. Outside of her professional life, Sara cherishes moments with her family. She is a proud parent of four, with two pursuing professional careers and two dedicating their time to academic achievements in college.

Sara's leisure activities are diverse. She finds solace in golfing, embracing the sun and nature, despite admitting her skills may not be ‘up to par.’ For three years, Sara volunteered as the Evening League Coordinator, recently passing the torch to encourage fresh ideas and perspectives. When she’s not on the course or spending time with her family, Sara immerses herself in crafting and building, creating unique gifts and home décor items. Her creative flair reflects her multifaceted personality, and it translates into her dedicated approach at FinEd.