Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
BankIn Minnesota
BankIn Minnesota provides multi-level services and support for community banks across the state.

About BankIn MN

BankIn Minnesota was created to represent the unique interests of “independent unit banks” in Minnesota. In 1992, the word “community” was added to emphasize the focus on the important role that community banks play in their local economies to support families, schools, and businesses.

Every educational opportunity, networking event, and legislative advocacy effort conducted through BankIn MN is created for community bankers by community bankers. BankIn Minnesota provides a source of information and a powerful voice in government by uniting the influence of all community bankers under a single entity. When BankIn MN works to represent your bank, you’re being represented by a fellow community banker.

Since the beginning, BankIn MN has been an association comprised of independent, community-focused banks. It provides proactive leadership for members through a variety of programs, products, services, and efforts to preserve a competitive environment, with all activities coordinated solely with the distinct perspective of community banking. 
Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
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BankIn Minnesota partners with Community Bankers Webinar Network to provide you with relevant, reliable, cost-effective bank webinar training. Together we offer more than 200 live and on-demand webinars, covering topics important to every level of your community bank.
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