Arkansas Community Bankers
Arkansas Community Bankers
Arkansas Community Bankers Association provides multi-level services and support for community banks across the state.

About ACB

The Arkansas Community Bankers Association provides a strong voice for legislative issues on the state and national levels. Under the maxim “no lobbyist is as effective as a constituent”, the ACB LegislativeWatch is an electronic messaging service provided to member bankers to encourage contact with state and congressional delegations to express their views on issues related to community banking.

ACB supports bank ownership that is indicative of a philosophy supportive of the ideals that maintain local community commitment and resists entities that threaten the existence of community banks. These objectives will be accomplished through regulatory, legislative, educational and earnings improvement programs available to ACB members. Such programs will be developed, initiated and executed by the leadership of the Arkansas Community Bankers Association. 

National and state level changes in the banking industry, both actual and proposed, will be monitored on a continuing basis and the Arkansas Community Bankers Association will respond to such change in a manner that will best protect and preserve community bank principles.       
Arkansas Community Bankers
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Bank Training & Education

ACB partners with Community Bankers Webinar Network to provide you with relevant, reliable, cost-effective bank webinar training. Together we offer more than 200 live and on-demand webinars, covering topics important to every level of your community bank.
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