Check Returns: Past the Point of Redemption

April 11, 2023
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You’re smiling at an approaching accountholder with a check in their hand.

Your smile freezes when you realize it’s an NSF situation and they are holding a returned check. Do you know what to do next? What if it’s past the point of redemption? Could fraud be involved? Join this webinar to learn how to handle such situations confidently and compliantly. 
  • Determine the timeframes for returns, adjustments, and breach-of-warranty check claims
  • Identify the warranties that a depository institution makes to a paying institution
  • Determine the appropriate action to take when a check is past the point of return for various scenarios


Stop! You can’t return that! Though sometimes abused, checks have a limited return timeframe. There is not an extended return window for fraudulent checks or other exception items. So, what do you do if a check is past the point of return?  Join us to learn how to handle exception items after the return window has passed. This webinar will define the timeframe for returns and certain adjustment types. It will also look at how the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) warranties come into play, including the warranties that a depository financial institution makes to a paying financial institution and how the breach-of-warranty process works. It will also work through fraudulent check scenarios to determine if a check can be returned or adjusted, or if a breach-of-warranty claim can be filed. 


This informative session is designed for check exception personnel.


  • Check return code list
  • Check exception guide
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