Adding the "Wow Factor" to Credit Analysis

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Analyzing a commercial borrower’s creditworthiness can be tricky.

A common question is, “How do a company’s changing financial metrics impact cash flow over time?” Learn the answer to this question and more.


  • Understand key financial metrics that impact a company’s cash flow
  • Use financial impact analysis to:
    • Determine the cash flow impact of changing accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable turnover
    • Properly structure short-term and long-term loans
    • Forecast major items on the balance sheet and income statement
    • Determine the amount of funding required to pay major creditors
  • Ascertain the cash flow financial impact of changing gross, operating, and net profit margins


Calculating credit ratios to determine the financial condition and creditworthiness of a business is just the starting point of analyzing a company’s true performance. Ratio analysis can take the process to a higher level. 

This webinar will demonstrate how to use ratio analysis to determine the financial impact of changing metrics, such as changes in working capital assets and working capital liabilities turnover as well as changes in the gross, operating, and net profit margins. This analysis will allow lenders to structure loans appropriately by determining the amount of funding needed to replace potential cash flow losses caused by negative financial trends. When this specialized analysis is mastered, the lender can add the “wow” factor to their analysis by not only describing trends, but also understanding and communicating the cash flow impact of those changing trends.


This informative session is designed for commercial lenders, credit analysts, credit department managers, senior loan officers, senior credit officers, loan review personnel, branch managers serving commercial borrowers, chief risk officers, and auditors.


  • Formulas to calculate the financial impact of changing metrics on the balance sheet and income statement
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
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