ACH Return Reason Codes: Commonly Used & Misused Codes

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Would it surprise you to know there are almost six dozen ACH return reason codes?

With 70 codes in play, are you sure you are using (not misusing) the right ones? What timeframes and documents are involved? What about unusual timeframes that don’t fit into the standard or extended timeframes? Improve your accuracy and efficiency with this detailed, insightful webinar.
  • Use the most appropriate return reason code to process ACH returns
  • Identify the return reason codes for consumer versus non-consumer ACH entries
  • Amend your institution’s procedures to include the requirements of a written statement of unauthorized debit (WSUD) for applicable return reason codes
  • Explain the process for dishonored and contested/corrected dishonored returns
  • Understand the general return timeframe and the extended return timeframe, as well as other timeframes applicable to ACH returns

This course is eligible for 1.8 AAP/APRP credits.


With 70 different return reason codes used by the ACH Network, assigning the most appropriate one can be challenging. Which return reason codes require a WSUD? How many days are there to process a return? What about the return reason codes with unusual timeframes that don’t fall into the standard or extended return timeframes? This session will answer all these questions and more, including an overview of dishonored returns, contested dishonored returns, and returns that are processed by the ACH operator or gateway.


This session is ideal for both treasury management operations and ACH operations staff who are newer to their role, or more experienced staff wanting a refresher on the fundamentals of return reason codes.


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"We had both newbies to ACH and veterans and the webinar was good for both. Great information."
- Kelli, Mid America Bank

"Very informational and helpful to new ACH staff."
- Chantelle, Key Community Bank

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