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6-Part Series

Give your frontline staff the answers to complex IRA questions before your
accountholders ask with this series of 6 informative webinars!

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This IRA series starts with a summary of the most important IRA and HSA updates. From there, it will provide a broad overview of the most common types of IRAs, including traditional, Roth, qualified rollovers, and SEPs. Then dig deeper into more specific topics such as handling conversions, distributions, and life events, such as bankruptcy and divorce.

Using the knowledge and tools learned from this series, you will be able to guide accountholders to the IRA-related products and services that are best for them. You may register for the entire series or individual sessions. By signing up for the entire series, you will receive 6 webinars for the price of 5.

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January 17, 2018
2018 IRA & HSA Update & Hot Topics

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

As a new year begins, the start of another IRA and HSA season is upon us. Be prepared early with a timely overview of the new rules, regulations, plan documents, and contribution limits taking effect in 2018. Whether you work directly with IRA and HSA owners or your role includes operational, reporting, or managerial responsibilities, this session will provide practical insights into the latest IRA and HSA issues.

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March 15, 2018
IRA Overview: Traditional & Roth IRA & SEP Plans

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

Whether IRAs are new to you, or you want a good refresher on traditional and Roth IRA rules, this is a must-attend session. From plan establishment, eligibility, and contribution rules, to basic beneficiary, distribution, and portability rules, this program will explore the important fundamental concepts that have the greatest impact on your IRA accountholders and program. You will learn about Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans and how easily SEP contributions can be made directly into existing traditional IRAs. This webinar will also address many important compliance considerations, including your responsibilities as the financial institution sponsoring the IRA plan versus the IRA holders’ responsibilities.

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May 16, 2018
Current IRA Issues, Including Divorce, IRS Levies, Bankruptcies & Creditor Claims

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

Are you up-to-date with the important issues facing both IRA owners and custodians? How do you handle IRA distributions due to divorce? When are IRA accounts subject to an IRS levy request? What are the best practices for dealing with power of attorney requests, IRA beneficiary disclaimers, and remitting abandoned IRA assets to the state? This session will cover these important issues that impact your IRA program.

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July 11, 2018
Understanding IRA Beneficiary Designations, Death Distributions & Required Minimum Distributions

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

Managing IRA beneficiary designations and explaining allowable distribution options to IRA beneficiaries may be the most complex part of administering an IRA program. Designed for IRA staff with operational, reporting or managerial responsibilities or direct IRA owner contact, this session will provide a thorough understanding of the rules and best practices surrounding IRA beneficiary designations and required death distributions. In addition, you’ll learn your responsibilities when calculating, handling, and processing required minimum distributions from traditional IRA accounts.

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September 27, 2018
IRA Conversions, Recharacterizations & Excess Contributions

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

The difference between an IRA conversion and an IRA recharacterization contribution can be confusing to accountholders and tax advisors. The allowable methods to correct excess contributions and the deadlines to avoid excess contribution penalties can also be perplexing and difficult to explain. This session will demystify IRA conversions, recharacterizations, and excess contribution corrections. Gain the knowledge necessary to confidently handle IRA owner questions and requests.

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November 20, 2018
Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

Current information, interpretations, and best practices will be discussed in this practical and easy-to-understand IRA portability session. Learn about recent and important rollover rule changes and responsibilities, common mistakes, and misunderstandings. Know your responsibilities when an IRA owner wants to self-certify in order to receive an extension of the 60-day rollover period. Learn why the once-every-12-month IRA-to-IRA rollover rule is often misunderstood. This session will also explain how the rollover rules differ depending on whether the distribution originated in a IRA vs. an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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