Save with a series - Seven new webinar series for 2021

Save Big with 2021 Webinar Series

Alphabet Soup Series for Lenders

The Alphabet Soup Series for Lenders is designed to put lenders on the road to compliance and success. This series wades through the regulatory “alphabet” quagmire and breaks down each important regulation. Each of the six 60-minute on-demand sessions can be purchased and used as a stand-alone module for new hires or ongoing training.

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Remote Workforce Series

Working remotely is not as simple as just having a computer and a task list. It presents a unique set of issues from technology to procedures to compliance to productivity.

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Flood Series

Is your loan flood insurance compliance program robust enough to weather a storm? Examiners are inspecting flood procedures and are quick to issue civil money penalties for noncompliance.

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E-SIGN Series

In the "new normal," direct depositor or borrower interactions remain challenging. Contact-free account opening and remote document signing are gaining steam. Do your procedures comply with all legal, regulatory, and organizational guidelines, including E-SIGN?

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Collection Series

What happens when your consumer, residential, or commercial borrowers are at risk of default? Do your lenders and loss-mitigation specialists understand all options to minimize potential losses?

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Credit Analyst Series

Concerns over deteriorating underwriting standards and credit concentrations continue to attract regulatory attention and must be top-of-mind for credit analysts and lenders underwriting their own loans.

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Job-Specific BSA Series

Through FinCEN, staff are tasked with being the "eyes and ears" of the institution in the ongoing effort to stem the growing tide of money laundering. Job-specific training, as emphasized in the BSA Examination Manual, is critical to achieving this goal.

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New Accounts Series

Those who open new accounts must master many areas. They have to be well versed in multiple account types and titles – both consumer and business, proper identification, required documentation, signing authority, and access for each type, in order to explain the various products to accountholders so they can make the best choice for their needs.

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