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A series of 6 webinars for ACH staff!

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Demand for electronic methods of handling financial transactions continues to soar for both consumers and businesses. ACH transaction volume has grown exponentially over the years - with no end in sight! Along with this surge comes the need for ACH personnel to have the necessary information, skills, and training to navigate the complexities of ACH transactions, compliance, and regulatory scrutiny.

This series will cover a wide variety of topics, including operating rules, returns, exceptions, adjustments, and complex issues for ODFIs. It will also address impending rules for processing same day ACH debits and federal government ACH payments. This is an opportunity for the ACH specialists in your institution to enhance their hands-on, practical skills.

By signing up for the entire series, you will receive 6 webinars for the price of 5. This is a cost-effective way to obtain the unique training each ACH specialist desires. Those seeking the most knowledge may attend all sessions, while more-experienced staff may select individual webinars according to their training needs. It's a simple, economical training solution for all ACH staff.

ACH Specialist Series Topics

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January 18, 2017
Direct Deposit Tax Refunds: Posting & Exceptions

Michele L. Barlow, PAR/WACHA

The IRS issues over 101 million tax refunds annually and over 80% of these are via direct deposit. The average refund amount is over $3,000. With such a high volume, it is imperative that your financial institution handle tax refunds with the utmost caution to avoid large losses that can be caused by not understanding the unique requirements of IRS refunds. Requirements address account number/name matching situations, deceased recipients, refunds posting to incorrect accounts, and refunds as exception items. This session will cover the rights and obligations of the financial institution, accountholder, and tax preparer, and address many of your questions. Ensure these exceptions are handled correctly to minimize your financial institution's liability.

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March 21, 2017
ACH Rules Update 2017

Jen Kirk, EPCOR

Attend this important webinar for a comprehensive overview and understanding of upcoming ACH rule amendments. Are you prepared to process Same Day ACH debits? What lessons have been learned since introducing Same Day ACH credits? What do the third-party registration rules mean to your organization? Join us to gain insight on the 2017 amendments and glimpse the future with an overview of NACHA initiatives.

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May 3, 2017
Complex ACH Origination Issues for ODFIs: Compliance, Exceptions, Monitoring

Jen Kirk, EPCOR

Get a handle on complicated ACH origination situations at your ODFI. Are you prepared to mitigate risk and loss when faced with sticky issues? This webinar will review the most common ODFI exception issues and errors and the appropriate response for each. Drill down into the advanced responsibilities of ACH origination by reviewing how to develop effective daily ACH monitoring procedures, including which returns should be monitored by the ODFI and how to respond to NACHA if an originator exceeds a return rate.

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June 21, 2017
Same Day ACH: Preparing for Processing Debits, Effective September 15, 2017

Jen Kirk, EPCOR

ACH credits were introduced in September 2016, and now it is time for Same Day ACH debit processing! Do you understand the unique challenges and opportunities that will occur when ACH debits settle on the same day they originate? Learn how RDFIs must process these transactions, and decide if same-day origination is a good fit for your institution. This program will look at the opportunities, risks, and impacts to consider when preparing for an environment that includes both Same Day ACH credits and debits.

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September 20, 2017
RDFI Returns: 2 Day vs. 60 Calendar Days - Understanding the Difference

Jordan Morell, UMACHA

This session will focus on the ACH Network and how general returns should be handled versus extended returns. Do your frontline and operations departments know what documentation is needed for a stop payment versus an extended return? Do they know how to handle returns specific to the Standard Entry Class Code and what impact they have on consumer or non-consumer accounts? Attend this session to ensure returns are handled correctly.

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November 14, 2017
Federal Government ACH Payments: Reclamations & Garnishments

Jen Kirk, EPCOR

With few exceptions, federal government ACH payments are subject to the same rules as private industry ACH payments. Mishandling these payments can impact your institution and lead to financial losses. This session will explain your responsibilities regarding processing federal government reclamations, including steps to limit liability. It will also review the final rule related to the Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefit Payments, detail which payments are exempt from garnishments, and outline associated financial institution responsibilities.

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Note: If you are interested in live webinars or other registration options, please call 406.442.2585.

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