William Gage

Countermeasure Consulting Group

Photo William Gage
William “Bill” Gage is an experienced, award-winning law enforcement professional who recently returned to local law enforcement with the Leesburg, VA Police Department after a 12-year career as a Special Agent with the Secret Service. While with the Secret Service, Bill received numerous awards for investigative and protective excellence. He has participated in hundreds of protective missions, and has done numerous foreign and domestic foreign protective advances for the President, Vice-President, and others. These included missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, he served as the Lead Tactical Advance Agent for numerous National Special Security Events, and served as a Team Leader on the elite Counter Assault Team (CAT) focusing on active-shooter response, threat suppression, and planning at the White House and other U.S. Government functions and facilities. Through his elite tactical training with the Secret Service and his experience and insights gained by personally analyzing the scenes of the tragic events such as Sandy Hook Elementary and the Aurora, CO movie theater, Bill stands alone as an expert in the field of active-shooter mitigation.

Prior to joining the Secret Service, Bill was a police, SWAT, and bike officer in Leesburg, Virginia. He was selected to overhaul the Loudoun VA County active-shooter response protocols and train over 1,000 first responders. Bill holds a Bachelor’s from the Virginia Military Institute and Master’s from Boston University. He has written numerous articles and has appeared on CNN and CSPAN.