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4-Part Series


Onboard your frontline staff with a solid foundation in banking, regulations, hands-on procedures, and customer service with this series of 4 essential, shelf-stable on-demand webinars!

Effectively onboarding new frontline employees requires focus. They need the right tools and knowledge to confidently provide the professional service your customers expect, and they need them quickly. Our new Frontline Fundamentals Series of four webinars delivers! Explore the structure of the U.S. banking system. Recognize key regulations that affect the frontline. Learn essential steps for completing transactions, such as deposits, checks, and other negotiable instruments. Discover how to deepen customer relationships by providing excellent service and engaging your customers at every opportunity.

Designed with the new frontline employee in mind, this shelf-stable series of four on-demand webinars is the perfect addition to your permanent training library. You may register for individual sessions, or sign up for the entire series and save 10%.

Frontline Fundamentals Series Topics

Session Dates & Descriptions

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Introduction to US Banking & the Payments System
Ann Brode-Harner, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Whether you are new to banking or have worked at a financial institution for some time, it is crucial to understand your role in the big picture. This webinar will provide a foundational understanding of the banking system from its beginning, the various types of financial entities, and the role of regulatory agencies. The course will then introduce the bank payments system and go through the check collection and return process.

The quicker you learn, the more effective you will be, and the more your employer will notice. This webinar will provide a better understanding of the industry and your financial institution, making you a more well-rounded employee.

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Regulations & Compliance: The Big Picture
Ann Brode-Harner, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Regulations govern all financial institution activities. As a frontline employee, you need to be aware of many regulations and understand your role in compliance. Join us for a broad overview of the important regulations, why we have them, and what happens if your institution is not in compliance.

In addition to the broad regulatory overview, you will be introduced to the most common regulations affecting the frontline, including Regulation CC, BSA, and red flags for identity theft. Finally, the importance of ethics and confidentiality will be stressed. This is a perfect session to initiate new employees into the world of banking regulations. (Note: Regulatory information covered in this webinar will be an introduction only and will not detail all aspects of each regulation.)

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Essentials of Endorsements, Negotiable Instruments & Cash Handling
Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting and Training for Financial Institutions

The frontline is often the first – and most frequent – person-to-person interaction with your financial institution. Frontline employees perform critical tasks daily, including cashing checks and handling deposits and withdrawals. The frequency of these transactions – and the high turnover among frontline employees – increases your bank’s loss and liability exposure. What basic skills and knowledge are required to safely and efficiently perform these duties? Does your frontline know the crucial elements of a valid endorsement and key security features of checks? How should business checks be handled? What is involved in verifying signatures?

This webinar will provide an introduction to the basic requirements for handling various types of checks and negotiable items. It is designed as a baseline training module that can be used and viewed repeatedly (and conveniently) as new hires are made.

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Delivering Customer Service Excellence
Steve Beck, Beck Seminars

Delivering customer service excellence is about creating and maintaining a culture of service. Frontline staff are the “face” of your financial institution. Give them the vital tools needed to be their best every day with customers and coworkers. This webinar will explain how everything from appearance to attitude makes a difference. Participants will be introduced to vital customer service techniques and practical methods to cross-sell other bank products and services by proactively engaging in meaningful interactions that go beyond the customer’s transaction. They’ll learn how to make a positive difference with every customer, every time – which will have a positive influence on your institution’s reputation and customer loyalty. With 68% of accountholders leaving due to poor service, it’s imperative that new employees learn these important techniques from the start.

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